The Tree of Faith

The Tree of Faith

Tree of Faith*

For: William

My life begins with just one seed,

Created and nurtured by God indeed.

With love and care my foundation begins,

As roots spread out to drink life in.

I start out small but in good time

My trunk takes shape, becomes my spine.

My core, my center, the thickest vein,

Brings my heart a converted rain.

  My outward rings show visible birth

As I grow in confidence, trust and faith.

Accepting my call, I aim my mark

And as I rise I form my bark.

Sin and oppression try an entry to gain

But leaves can shed again and again.

For turning and reconciling can transform

By shedding a once forgotten life in storm.

Faith pushes me to branch once more

With limbs outstretched, reaching, I soar.

Goodness flows from lessons I took

Flowers adorn, transform my look.

Gnarls and knots, constant will remain

Reminding me, constant seeking is never in vain.

As faith grows deeper new buds abound

His Love for even me is always ready bound.

As I grow, learn, and live to soar, to tower above

I must remain forever constant in His Love.

And as I near the end of my earthly life

My tree of faith becomes secure in the Cross of Christ.

*For the two “Williams” who have deeply affected, encouraged, tolerated, and blessed my life. If only they knew how much I have depended on their faith and belief that “there is good in me.” And their hope that I will someday “know” that what I write is a gift from God to me.           eml-2009

Why I write…….

Nature and photography lend their hand to writing. This just comes naturally either as poetry or prose. So I combine them often with photos that I take. They are a part of me that I can’t express except any other way. Often they come flowing like a river, others takes months to reveal their rhyme and rhythm. Some are a complete mystery.

First blog post

First blog post

I am not sure how this will pan out, but my plan is to write down on virtual paper what comes to mind either in verse (prose) or poetry coupled with photography. I travel a lot and I always have my camera with me and occasionally something gets my attention and I take its picture and I know not why. But months later its comes to me why it took the picture and I write about it. So this will be some of that and the other part is poetry that comes naturally to me and I pair it with pictures that I have taken.